Mayor Message

Hello everyone! I am the Mayor of Incheon,
Yoo Jeong Bok. I sincerely thank you for visiting the Incheon English Village homepage.

Since 2006, the ICEV program has been running to help students and citizens of Incheon to further their understanding of foreign language and culture, using various activities based on real life situations from different countries.

Especially, ICEV has been supplementing public education and aiming to reduce the money spent in private education, helping to cultivate the talent of Korean citizens as an English institution..

As you know, Incheon is a rapidly developing international city, with a global infrastructure including the world’s best international airport, and the biggest free economic zone in Korea.

In 2014 we hosted the Incheon Asian Games, with a combined total of 4.5billion people from Asia and around the world watching or in attendance. Because of this, Incheon is becoming one of the biggest cities in South Korea.

Now that it is becoming an international city, Incheon needs to develop foreign language communication skills to improve commerce, with the realization of a successful free economic zone.

I hope citizens can gain confidence both in English as a language, as well as the culture of foreign countries, through the activities involved in Incheon English Village.

Incheon is a city of the future, and as you grow and develop into the global leaders of an international society, Incheon will be with you every step of the way.

Please join and take an interest in Incheon English Village.

Thank you.