Information of KITE Program

Enjoy English 학습이 아닌 놀이로 배운다!

Information of KITE Program

The KITE program is an elementary and middle school program that allows students to enjoy communicative English every Saturday. Students enjoy various experiential activities and gradually improve their confidence and ability to use English while appreciating various experiences through the vast amount of foreign teachers. In the morning, students will learn a set of foundational English, focusing on reading and speaking through games and activities. In the afternoon, students will have a broader range of vocabularies in various scientific fields such as plants, weather, animals, light, sun, earth materials, magnets, gravity, and space. Therefore, they will be able to improve their writing and grammar skills as well as reading and speaking in English.

Educational Objectives

First, to solidify the foundations of the four major areas of English with the level-specific curriculum.

Second, to improve students’ speaking skill with various science experiments and class projects.

Finally, to strengthen interest and confidence by providing an immersive and fun English environment.

Education Contents

  • - Activities and experiments based on various topics regarding science (nature, space, energy, etc.). The students will be able to expand their vocabularies and expressions while enhancing their English proficiency.
  • - Open Reading class is constructed from the ‘Open Court Reading’ textbook series with a story that fosters creativity. In addition, higher levels will use ‘Time For Kids’ magazine; it is a monthly magazine including America’s current affairs.
  • - Open Speaking class is where the students can freely use various vocabularies and expressions that they learned during the Open Reading time, through games and other hands-on activities.
  • - Open Writing class is focused on what each level requires especially in writing, from Phonics to Grammar.
  • - Group Activity has a different theme every month and focuses on these four subjects: Arts & Craft, Cooking, Music and PE in English..
  • - Open Class, an online reading program, is based on the student’s regular Saturday class. Students can communicate with their foreign homeroom teacher via an online program. Various reading materials, online quizzes and activities will be utilized.


Period Time Class Contents
1 09:30-10:10 Open Reading Reading based, customized lessons that expand speaking through games and activities.
2 10:20-11:00 Open Speaking
3 11:10-11:50 Open Writing Phonics or grammar lesson that differs from what each level requires in writing.
4 11:50-12:10 Assembly Checking homework
12:10-13:00 Lunch & Recess Lunch
5 13:00-13:40 Group Activity Activity class to learn music, art, physical education, cooking, etc. in English with different themes every month.
6 13:40-14:20 READ Your Science(RYS) Lesson to read a textbook including various subjects in the field of science (nature, space, energy, etc.), based on the level of the class, and to expand the vocabulary and expressions abundantly.
7 14:30-15:10 APPLY Your Science(AYS) Lesson to apply the vocabulary and expressions ,learned through the RYS class, directly to a real-life situation while participating in scientific experiments and project activities such as making lip balm, playing electric circuit, making magnetic racing, etc.
8 15:20-16:00 SHOW Your Science (SYS) Lesson to show what students have learned during the RYS and AYS classes, with lower graders writing down worksheets and higher graders presenting them, in order to improve the ability to express and organize what they think in a logical way.