Eco-Kids Program

Enjoy English 학습이 아닌 놀이로 배운다!

Weekend English Forest Kindergarten

Have fun with green English ! We integrated English with nature for the first time in Asia.
Children are encouraged to play, explore and learn in natural environment. We also fulfill the same basic purpose as other nurseries, namely, to care for, stimulate, and educate young children.


"Preservation through education" Increasing awareness of connection to the natural world to foster compassion and empathy for the earth.
"Learning is always effective when it is fun." Building up constructive contributions to learning through a variety of fun activities and games.
"Integrated education" Improving integrated skills such as knowledge in specific subjects, concentration, creativity, sociality, motivation, and positive social behavior.


Spring-Summer Session
Month Theme Activity Example Event
March Hello, Spring
  • - Planting
  • - Studying of seed
Gardening activity
April Save the Earth.
  • - Seed Paper
  • - Recycling
May Whispering to flower.
  • - Flower diagram
  • - Water absorption of white flower
Family camp
June How is the weather today?
  • - Feeling rain
  • - Windmill making
July Wow, it is summer!
  • - Water balloon
  • - Sponge relay
  • - Floating leaf boat on the pond
Student's work exhibition
Fall-Winter Session
Month Theme Activity Example Event
September Making friends with animal & insect
  • - Feeding animal
  • - Firefly observing
Field Trip
October Joining the feast of the forest-Fallen leaf
  • - Leaf rubbing
  • - Leaf clothing show
November Joining the feast of the forest - Fruits & Nut
  • - Pinecone bird feeder
  • - Scavenger hunt
  • - Building shelter
December Do you want to build a snowman?
  • - Snowman making
  • - Observing snowflake
January Let's play with ice.
  • - Making igloo
  • - Ice cube race
New Year
February Hibernate
  • - Hibernation game
  • - Migratory bird
Performance Graduation