Global Camp

Enjoy English 학습이 아닌 놀이로 배운다!

Main contents

This camp will give you more happiness and fun on your Summer and winter vacation. Here they come! Foreign students also study at Incheon English Village! This is global camp for non English speaking students from Russia, China, Japan etc

Before Entrance Firs step Pre-level test - Telephone level test with foreign teachers
- Divide students into their English level
Entrance Day Second step Level test - Writing / Oral test at English Village
- Divided by class,, English level and age
Program Club activity - 10 students will be in one class
- Perform class performance
Life Adventure Special Adventure Night Time Adventure - Have fun in classrooms that are decorated exactly the same as real western places
Outdoor adventure - Visit Korea's famous places with foreign teachers / Outdoor activity
Make portfolio - Make their own portfolio
Closing Ceremony Certification - Give completion of Certification to everyone
After Closing Ceremony On-line community - Keep in touch with English Village teachers through on-line community